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    • What differences can I expect from living in a strata rather than a single-family home?
      • Your neighbours may live beside, above or below you
      • Everyone is responsible for creating a peaceful and enjoyable living experience by maintaining a reasonable level of noise (bylaw 3.)
      • Owners, occupants, tenants or visitors activities must not involve in undue traffic, or noise in your strata or the common property between 11:00pm and 7:00am (bylaw 3. (5) (a))
      • Harvested Christmas trees are not permitted and are considered a fire hazard (bylaw 3 (5) (w))
      • There are restrictions on what can be placed on any deck, patio or balcony and permission is required for storage units (bylaw 3 (5) (t))
    • Can I do whatever I want in my strata unit?
      Anyone living or visiting in the strata unit must not;

      • cause a nuisance or hazard to another person
      • cause unreasonable noise
      • unreasonably interfere with the rights of other persons to use and enjoy the common property, common assets or another strata lot
        do anything illegal
      • do anything that is contrary to the purpose for which the strata lot or common property is intended. (bylaw 3. (1))
      • Subleasing is not permitted (bylaw 3. (2))

    • What responsibilities do I have when using any common area facilities? (Social/Amenity Room, Exercise Room, Guest Suite)
      Persons using common areas do so at their own risk and shall release and indemnity the Strata Corporation, the Strata Council and Crossroads Management (bylaw 3. (4))
    • How do I correspond with Council or the Property Manager?
      Contact Crossroads Management:

      • 1001 – 7445 132nd Street Surrey, B.C. V3W1J8
        Phone 778 578-4445
        Fax 778 578-4447
        Ross Ruddick e-mail ross@crpm.ca
        Jesse Train e-mail jesse@crpm.ca
    • What if I have an emergency after the business hours?

      24 hour Emergency Services is available (778 – 578-4445)
      Calling after-hours for an emergency you will be asked to press “1”. This takes you to the after-hours 24/7 call centre who will then contact the Strata Manager (or their back-up).
    • How can I pay my strata fees?
      • Strata fees must be paid on or before the first day of the month
      • Strata fees are paid by postdated cheques or pre-authorized debit
      • Contact Crossroads Management (bylaw 1. (1))
    • Who is responsible for security?
      Everyone is responsible for security. Report any suspicious activates to the police by calling 911.
    • Lost or Replacement Key FOBs...
      Contact Charlie Giricz for all entrance or garage FOB needs.
    • What are the restrictions for the use of common areas?

      Social/Amenity Room

      • Add rules
      • Add hours
      • Contact Darlene Chapman 604 560-3418
      • Back up is Nancy Nyte

      Exercise Room

      • Add rules
      • Add hours
      • Report any needed equipment repairs to any strata member or Crossroads Management

      Guest Suite

      • Add rules
      • Contact Darlene Chapman 604 560-3418
      • Back up is Nancy Nyte

      Bicycle Storage Room

      • Add rules
      • Located by the elevator lobby in the parking level of the North Building
    • Are PETS allowed in the building?
      • add details
      • see Bylaw 4
    • Can I play my musical instrument?
      Yes, however it must not cause a disturbance or interfere with the comfort of any other owner, occupant or tenant.
      See bylaw 3 (5) (c)
    • How about SMOKING in the building or common areas?
      • add details
      • see Bylaw 6
    • I wish to make an alteration to the exterior or interior of my unit.
      See bylaw 8. and 9. before undertaking any alterations. Permission may be required and written information will be required for all alterations from the owner before undertaking any alteration.
    • How do I dispose of garbage, compost, recyclables?
      • The garbage/recyclables room is located in the garage near the underground garage entrance
      • All garbage must be placed in a closed garbage bag
      • All compost must be in a paper compost bag, no recyclable plastic bags are permitted
      • All recyclables must be cleaned before placing in recycle room
    • How often does council meet?
      • Council has monthly meeting, however does not schedule meetings in the summer unless necessary
      • Council meeting minutes indicate the date of the next council meeting, time and location
      • An owner may attend any council meeting as an observer except the portion of the meeting discussing an owner bylaw violation (bylaw 20. (3))
    • Who can run for council?
      Any owner may run for council (bylaw DIVISION 3 – Council)
    • Who enforces by-laws? Who do I contact with a complaint?
      • The Property Manager enforces bylaws on behalf of the strata council
      • Complaints of bylaw violations are to be made to the council through the Property Manager
    • Are rentals allowed?
      • Yes, however see bylaw 31. for rental restrictions
      • Owners must contact the Property Manager before renting their strata unit
    • What do I do when I wish to sell my unit??

      • See bylaw 32.
      • For move-in/out contact:
        Lucie Lauwers at 604 541-5457
        Back up Sharon Yewchin 604 385-1945
    • What arrangements need to be made to move-in or move-out?
      • For move-in/out contact:
        Lucie Lauwers at 604 541-5457
        Back up Sharon Yewchin 604 385-1945
    • What is the Strata Act about?
      The Strata Property Act is a BC Act.
    • When and where is the Annual General Meeting?
      The Annual General Meeting is in September each year held in the Social/Amenity Room
    • How does the annual general meeting run?
      See bylaws DIVISION 4.
    • What kind of awnings am I allowed?
      Awnings are not allowed.
    • How do I minimize water escapement problems?
      Ensure any leaking pipes are repaired immediately. Replace washing machine and dishwasher hoses based on manufactures recommendation.
    • What types of barbecues are allowed?
      See bylaw 5.(f) and 5.(g).
    • What kind of screen doors am I allowed?
      Screen doors that match the color of the door or sliding door frame.
    • What interior maintenance items should I be concerned about?
      The owner is responsible to repair and maintain the owner’s lot (bylaw 2. (1))
    • What steps should I take prior to going on holidays?
      • Turn your water service to your unit off.
      • Ensure that your unit is inspected in accordance with your strata owner contents insurance policy.
    • When is our regular garbage day?
    • Who is responsible for outside landscaping?
      • A landscape contractor maintains the grounds and gardens
      • Any concerns regarding landscaping or irrigation are to contact Darlene Chapman at: 604 560-3418
    • Can I plant any additional items in my garden?
      No, there are no personal gardens.
    • Are realty signs allowed?
    • Are open houses permitted?
      Yes. (need details re front door)
    • What is a Contingency Reserve Fund?

      The Strata Property Act requires that a Contingency Reserve Fund be established for the purpose of paying for common property expenses like replacing the roof.


    • What is common property?
    • What is limited common property?
    • What is the difference between a ¾ vote and a simple majority vote?
    • Should I save my printed copies of the minutes?
    • Can I advertise my business or services on this website?
    • My unit is leaking from the outside….what should I do?
      Contact the Property Manager immediately.
    • I smell gas! What should I do?

      • Leave your suite/building immediately.
      • Call 911
    • What is the Strata’s insurance coverage?
      A copy is attached to the AGM minutes
    • Should I carry insurance as well?
      Yes, you should have strata unit insurance.
    • I have noticed strangers wandering around - who should I call?
      (answer pending)
    • Do Council Members have any special privileges?
    • I may have a rodent infestation…what do I do?
      Contact the Property Manager.
    • What day of the week are the landscapers on-site?
      (answer pending)
    • Is there a time restriction on visitor parking?
      (answer pending)
    • How do I propose a by-law or rule amendment?
      (answer pending)
    • What are the Property Manager’s responsibilities?
      (answer pending)
    • What does Unit Entitlement mean?
      (answer pending)
    • What are special assessments/Levies?
      (answer pending)
    • What is a quorum?
      (answer pending)
    • Who makes up the rules/by-laws?
      (answer pending)